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About Dr. Troy

Dr. Troy (left) and the three Etrulia's:
Mother, Etrulia Lucille Reid, and niece, Joy Etrulia Royster.

Dr. Troy and  husband Arvid Lee.

Etrulia Reid "Troy" Lee, Ph.D, is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ.  She worships at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland where she serves in the health ministry and couples ministry.

Dr. Troy has been married to her soul mate, Arvid Lee, for 35 years.  They have two adult sons, Chay & Michael, and one grandson, Tristan Alexander Lee.
She has been in the field of education for over 30 years.  She completed her undergraduate work in education at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA, and her Master’s degree at University of Maryland in College Park, MD, also in education. She completed her Ph.D in holistic nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health. 

She is an adjunct professor of nutrition at Global Health College where she instructs aspiring nurses.  Her career path includes classroom teacher,  author of Phonics Is My Way reading series for children, short-term missionary, children's church director, school principal, instructor at the USDA Graduate school,  education administrator, and workshop presenter.  

Dr. Troy presents several seminars ranging in length from one to four hours on how to be proactive in matters regarding your health.   She has presented seminars to a wide variety of audiences including employees at the Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, White House Employees, PTA groups, church groups, civic organizations, Chamber of Commerce employees, and health conference attendees. 


Dr. Troy challenges her audiences to evaluate how their lifestyle and diet are contributing to the many illnesses they may have, and how it puts them at risk for future disease and premature death.  Realizing that habits are difficult to break and changing one’s lifestyle is a challenge, she offers practical steps on how to make changes slowly, so the changes will be long lasting. She offers personal coaching and facilitates support groups for people wanting to change their eating habits. 

In addition to championing weight loss, Dr. Troy is a sought-after speaker and provides fun, interactive workshops on several topics including:

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement to Achieve Your Destiny

The Principles and Power of Goal Setting: How to Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Making Forgiveness a Lifestyle: How to Let Go of the Baggage and Be Free

What Every Parent and Should Know About How the Brain Develops

Nutrition and Learning

Healthy Lifestyles: Nutrition, Stress Reduction, and Exercise

Are You Losing Your Mind? How Different Foods Affect the Structure and Function of the Brain

The Exercise/Oxidative Stress Connection: Why Exercise Can Be Dangerous for Your Health 

Is Your Body on Fire? Understanding Inflammation: The Number One Cause of Sickness and Disease


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